I grew up on a farm in a rural area in a family that fed itself from the earth, rather from the local grocery. Every Sunday my grandmother and I rode the tractor into the fields to pick fresh corn, tomatoes, and other vegetables to prepare for our big weekly family Sunday dinner on the front porch of their farmhouse. Our horses grazed just beyond the large yard and I remember buiding forts of hay bales in the cavernous lofts.

It was those years that gave me a real appreciation of nature and the bounty our earth provides. It's these years I hope to spend making sure future generations have the same.

Today, I am a member of the American Solar Energy Society, WNC Green Building Council, and Founder/Organizer of the Asheville Tiny Home Association - now almost 600 members focused on sustainable small-home design.

Additionally, here are just a few of my more noteworthy green accomplishments (so far)...